Moment to reflect on 'BushFires'


Dearest Customers & readers,

Waking up to the sunrise of Sydney beaches & cafe life is a blessing but to be waking up these past mornings of smoke and fog with many people wearing smoke masks is scary.

Many of us are aware of the bushfires happening across the state of New South Wales from North coast, all the way to rural Sydney. We are disheartened to see footage of helpless Australian animals, habitats, homes, and nature's botanical blessings being blown away by evil gusts of hot winds!

We give thanks to our courageous firefighters NSW Rural Firefighters service spending their holiday out in the bush beating down a monster of a fire storm.

To support our native Australian koalas and other endangered species - please donate directly via this link below.


To support the NSW Rural Firefighters service please go directly to the link below

I want to thank every customer and followers for their support but also to encourage everyone to donate to what's happening in our very own country. Of course you may want to offer to alternative organisations but we identify with the above orgs and the work they are currently undertaking.

Remember Christmas time is a moment of giving and receiving but also a time to reflect upon what is around us and appreciate our species, trees, bush and oxygen!

Happy Safe Christmas everyone!

Shoples Team




Citations: Unknown author of Photo image taken from webpage with respect to their donations.


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