FREE with an Estimated 17-29 business days for delivery after dispatch*

Warehouse dispatch takes 1-3 days upon order. (Depending on stock ordered.)

Some items may be shipped from our International APAC region but don't worry, we'll ship your purchases promptly to you. 

Please note, should you not be home for the delivery, you will receive a card from your local post office in order to pick up from Australia Post. 

Factors such as delayed logistics and customs clearings may have an impact on the delivery time. 


FLAT fee of AUD $20.00  includes 15-29 days. 

Some countries may receive earlier or later than indicated. 


Currency conversions are estimates only and the total amount you are charged will depend on the exchange rate and processing fees your bank charges you. Your order total will display in AUD at checkout (even where you are using our currency converter to view prices in your local currency) and all order confirmation emails and invoices will display AUD. The conversion rate you are charged will be decided by your bank. While most exchange rate systems are very similar, we can’t guarantee the exchange rate we are using to display an approximate price to you on our site will be the same exchange rate that your bank uses when processing your transaction.   

**Dispatch can take 2-5 days depending on stock ordered.

*Chinese New Year & Public Holidays/ Christmas/ Holidays may affect shipping times 


We encourage shoppers to email us first before buying, if fast delivery is allowed for a particular product. Although we do only provide standard 'Free shipping' but we understand that you might require it quick ASAP, so just drop us a message! email at If the item has been purchased then we cannot guarantee the express service.

We will get back to you within 1-2 hours of message.

If you live overseas and have a question about shipping rates or your country is not listed above please contact us. International shipping times may vary. Our international shipping rates do not cover local taxes or import duties. Please contact your local customs or Post Office for information on your country's import regulations and costs.


Shoples provides the 'Free Shipping' service to our customers. It therefore states that the term 'Free shipping' means between dates 15-30 days, the item will be delivered within this window or may take longer. It does not guarantee a faster shipment method but depending on supplier's product, it may be shipped earlier.  Of course, certain products may come from our overseas vendors, therefore it may take longer with dispatchment days. Shoples ensures that you are updated through our customer service team and tracking service. Shoples does not take responsibility of customs officials and local postal authorities delays. In the event that your parcel is taking longer then we suggest you to contact us for a resolution.




How much is shipping?

Our shipping is FREE! So don’t worry we won’t charge you.
You should receive the item within 19-29 days at most!
International shipping is $15 flat fee

How do I track my Order?

Your order will come with a e-packet tracking number and most items will take 19-29 days (unless otherwise stated)

When you order we'll provide you with an tracking number from warehouse via email/SMS. This means you're able to keep track of where your items are from the moment your order is shipped out and until it arrives at your door.

Please keep in mind that if you ordered multiple products, your shipments may be shipped at separate times.

In case of absence during the delivery, your parcel will be deposited in the AusPost/Relay point closest to your home; you will be kept informed by email and/or SMS.

You have 10 days after receipt of the email informing you of the availability of your order to come and collect it from a collection point. You will need to present the delivery notification and your identity document.

Some products may take less or more time to deliver - please refer to the product description for each item. Please see shipping policy for holiday and public holidays which may delay your package.

Modify or cancel my order

Yes, we are happy to amend or cancel the order providing it has not shipped out yet. You can reach out to to cancel your order with your order number and name on the shipping address. We’ll get back to you asap!

When will my order ship?

When will my order ship? How do I know where my items are?

Your order will come with a e-packet tracking number and most items will take 19-29 days (unless otherwise stated) however you can contact us at

Some products may take less or more time to deliver - please refer to the product description for each item. Please see shipping policy for holiday and public holidays which may delay your package.

Return & Refund

Please note that we do not refund money for wrong orders or change of mind, so please choose carefully instead we issue coupon or voucher from store with same value of item you chose.

Each item is processed according to the vendors agreement, if you have a faulty product please email us ( within 24 hours of receipt. Your case will be treated with care and you will be sent details of how to obtain a refund or replacement.

Please note for returns we are unable to cover the shipping cost.

International Taxes & Duties?

You may be charged import duties and taxes by your local customs authority when your parcel is received into your country. Duty rates vary depending on the value of the goods, what they are made of and where they are made. Importantly, all countries have different rules regarding this so we are unable to tell you exactly what duties you may be required to pay as this is determined on import by local customs officials. You will not always be required to pay duties or import tax, but it is important that you make yourself aware of the duties that apply in your country in case you are charged to avoid any surprises. We have highlighted some customs websites to refer to before purchasing below.

Please note, if you decide not to pay import taxes or duties and choose to reject the parcel, you will not be refunded for your order.

Where do our products ship from?

Shoples has many reputable suppliers who also work with other famous designer brands. Their designs come with expertise and are carefully made. We ship from Australia, USA, UK & Hong Kong to our fans. Shoples uses a 'innovative drop-ship' technology which is at no cost at all to you 'FREE'.